Our Continuing Committment to serving you...

Over the years, we have come to understand that our major role in funeral service is not only to function as caretakers of the dead, but as compassionate supporters of the bereaved. As we supported the families through the funeral process, we also become acutely aware that most of the bereavement work is done after the conclusion of the services.

In 1989, we began an active program of support for our families that provides more support during this time; including education and the highest quality grief support through support groups. We also offer a Holiday Remembrance Service on the first Saturday of December to assist families deal with the "empty" chair at the holidays.

Almost everything about a funeral has the potential to heal, even the tough parts that seem hard on the family. The funeral ceremony is also vital. Ceremony can speak for us when we have no words to say. When we are too upset to speak, we need ceremonies to speak for us. Ceremonies and rituals matter. Ceremonies heal. The funeral may bring some pain to the surface, but it heals much more than it hurts.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Jane Bissler or Jill Jividen at Counseling for Wellness at 330-677-2000.  We also offer several helpful pamphlets at the funeral home.